Artist Statement


You’re waiting for a bus that’s never coming. Or there is a bus, waiting for you, and you’re never getting on. You are in Liminal Space. There is a difference, though, between waiting for the bus and the bus waiting for you - and that is choice. Liminal space is the area, physical or otherwise, in between a beginning and an end. Many find it uncomfortable, like a poorly lit stairwell, a train station at midnight, even the gap you step over to get onto the subway. But some of us embrace the Liminal Space. That time between wakefulness and sleep, the exact pinpoint when a dream turns on end into a nightmare, a limbo where we are coming from somewhere and we don’t yet know where we are going. 

One of my greatest desires as a human being is to be free. But freedom is such a broad and vague term, and people's perceptions of freedom differ for each individual. I have realized that for me, freedom is directly attached to control - and who has it. I am so intrigued by liminality because it is the space where you have the most control, since nobody has any control at all. Liminality separates us from both being somewhere and having to be somewhere, it gives us a clearer picture of the past and the future, and allows us to see a way forward. 

The contrast and the dichotomies that create liminal space are just as interesting. For example, I am both logical and creatively abstract. This means that in my portfolio I struggle with both wanting to create photographs that are appealing and get me noticed, but also work that allows me to flex my creativity and are rich with meaning. Simply said, I want to stop holding myself back. I want to stop getting stuck looking for meaning, and just create simply for visuals, meaningless or not. I also want to let myself be an artist, and allow myself to make something abstract without worrying too much about visuals in the moment. I feel like I focused too much on trying to plan something perfect, instead of just creating. I am in a constant state of wanting to do better, so I keep myself in the Liminal Space, because maybe there is no end goal - only the opportunity to keep moving forward.